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8-10 May 2023
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What is the State of Data and Analytics in Australia and New Zealand? We Ask 150 Executives

Data and analytics is driving the digital transformation of organisations all over the world, and we want to understand how important these practices are in Australian and New Zealand.

This survey of 150 data and analytics executives explores the extent to which Australian and New Zealand organisations uses data and analytics.

Our report looks at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on data and analytics adoption, the maturity of the data and analytics in the region, and plans for data leaders into the future.

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Data and Analytics Trends in Financial Services, APAC 2022

How financial services data and analytics leaders in Asia Pacific are working to deliver digital customer experiences

Data and analytics leaders in the financial services sector are helping to transform the industry to be more digital-first and data-driven.

Deploying data architecture, implementing data-centric practices, improving customer interactions and ensuring appropriate data governance frameworks are among the few key areas financial services data leaders are focused on in improving their organisations’ ability to keep up with customer demand and remain relevant in 2022.

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The Digital Opportunities in Healthcare in APAC 2022'
Partnered content with Informatica

Want to know what other healthcare analytics experts are thinking about as we move into 2022? Our upcoming report has you covered!

While certain aspects of data collection and reporting have existed in various forms in healthcare for decades, there is renewed focus on innovation and increasing the role of data in making decisions across the sector. 

Featuring insights from six health-focused data and analytics leaders across Asia-Pacific, this report explores the importance of data in healthcare, how it is put to work today, as well as what some exciting applications and projects coming together in the region are.

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