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Data Literacy Blueprint PDF Image

The Data Literacy Blueprint

Data literacy levels in Asia Pacific are startlingly low, with just 20% of workers saying they’re confident in their fluency with data; digital transformation strategies are frequently falling well short of their true potential.

CDAOs have long experienced the disconnect between the language of data and the business. But, it’s only recently that people have begun trying to measure the true cost of poor data literacy in large organisations.

This is a part of your data strategy that just can’t be overlooked. It’s a significant issue when a large, data literate enterprise is worth AU$400-700m more than its competitors, on average. Source: Qlik Data Literacy Index, 2018

In this exclusive report some of the region’s most successful data leaders reveal what they are doing to unlock this trapped potential. What’s more, we outline what your organisation can be doing today to upskill your workforce in six essential steps.

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